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ABOUT BAILEY / Company History

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Ladder History

There appears to be very little detail on the history of ladders. One thing that we can be certain of is that like the wheel, ladders were invented out of the necessity to survive in harsh, hostile primitive environments. The first ladders were probably rudimentary lashings of branches to produce a structure that could be climbed to reach fruit that was to high to reach.

Further development of ladders also occurred during medieval times as siege instruments. These ladders were much stronger, higher and larger to enable access over moats, cliffs and castle walls. Timber and ropes were probably the main elements used in the construction of these early ladders.

The industrial revolution changed work practices forever. Labour was divided into discreet functions to more efficiently produce a product. The specialist was born. Many of the new trades, such as engineers, required access to inspect and repair large steam engines and buildings. As people’s demand for access to heights grew their needs were meet with more portable ladders – lighter and stronger.

Ladders have evolved markedly over time. They have evolved from simple timber frames to high tech multifolding ladders.

History of Bailey

In Australia, Bailey is the market leader. Bill Bailey Snr founded Bailey Ladders in 1956. The first factory was located in Sydney.

In 1970, the founder’s elder son, Bill Bailey Jnr, set up a new factory in Brisbane. Bill Jnr, a qualified mechanical engineer, was committed to making ladders safer by reducing frame twist. Ten years of dedicated research and development resulted in a revolutionary manufacturing process called Punchlock. Punchlock technology is still used today in the manufacture of quality products supplied to the market by Bailey.

In December 1990 Hills Industries Limited bought the Bailey Ladder business from the Bailey family.

On June 28, 2013, Bailey Ladders was acquired by Werner Co, the world’s largest ladder manufacturer.

Bailey has the largest range of ladders in Australia. There is bound to be a ladder that suits your needs whether it required for occasional use around the home of for heavy-duty industrial applications.

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